Rediscover the truest, most joyful you with a sustainable self-care practice.

Guided by Allie Andrews, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Somatica® trained Intimacy Coach, and Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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The Self-Care Lifestyle is a reset that guides you out of your head and off the hamster wheel so you can deepen connection with the people in your life, remember how to find joy (outside of work), and feel more confidant and whole in who you are.

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By the end of this program,

you will have:

Hit reset on your health and put the SELF back into "self-care". (This journey is highly curated but NOT prescriptive by design so that you can discover what fuels YOU at this phase in your life.)

Settled into daily and weekly rituals that reinforce your confidence and spark your creativity (rather than rushing into your day feeling frazzled).

Cultivated the awareness and mindset to accept your ups and downs with less stress and anxiety.

Developed the tools to replace unhelpful self-criticism with honest self-reflection to hold yourself accountable and keep blossoming (at any age).

Built connection with yourself and the people in your life by enjoying the present (instead of going over your to do list in your head).

Reclaimed your energy and enthusiasm for life by making space for the moments and hobbies that fill you up and bring you joy (instead of letting another year go by because you "don't have time").

"Allie's program will give you tools to help you bring more balance and confidence to your day to day life. Beyond self improvement, she encourages you to be more fully yourself. When I can remember that, I feel lighter & happier."


Hi! I’m Allie – Recovering perfectionist, aspiring poet, cat mom to my fierce tabby Bindi, lifelong student of personal growth, and Coach to big dreamers, highachievers and caregivers.

My life has been a journey of peeling back layers, exploring a desire to truly know myself and discovering new depths of vitality, joy and power that lie within. Growing up, I knew the importance of good health, but I struggled to consistently translate this intellectual knowledge into my daily experience. Knowing what I could do to feel my best, but not embodying it, kept me feeling ungrounded and shaky in my confidence and self-worth.

After years of a one-way dialogue with my body, moving quickly, demanding productivity, positivity and perfection, and rationalizing what I felt to the point of not feeling, I began a daily practice of taking time to gently check in with myself. I spent time, however small, tuning into my body and practicing being honest about what I found—not an easy feat. I soon realized how disconnected I had become from my compass and most reliable teller of truth. As I exercised a willingness to learn, rather than run, from discomfort and stress in my life, I discovered that I have all of the tools within to cultivate alignment with that which allows me to feel my best.

Re-learning how to value and align with what I feel in my heart and body and to be more discerning about the thoughts that flow through my mind is a never-ending journey. Making the choice each day to be on this path allows me to create a life that is more in sync with my values and inner compass. As a result, I feel more joyful, confident, and clear in my work and life.

The Self-Care Lifestyle is built on the foundation of 15 years of personal growth work and a decade of guiding hundreds of professionals and 60+ companies as a health coach, workplace wellness consultant, and yoga teacher.

But more importantly, The Self-Care Lifestyle was born from my first-hand experience of this powerful shift. Realizing that I was not alone in my feelings of anxiety and disconnection, I created this program to guide high-achieving, caregiving womxn to shift their focus away from who they should be, so they can rediscover who they truly are.

Because when this happens, we’re able to be much more intentional about the way we show up, and the impact we have not only on ourselves, but also on our families, workplaces, communities, and planet.

A Sample of Success Stories From Our Self-Care Lifestyle Family

Leah's Story

"The program has been AMAZING, no exaggeration. I’ve been doing the morning check ins unofficially since Christmas and on the pages Allie provided since the new year. At first it was so hard to find that time to check in and do the morning practice especially on days the kids are with us, which was a huge eye opener.

Things feel like they’ve definitely shifted – I feel much more grounded and connected to my body, and feel my creativity starting to spark alive again.

The last big shift I’ve had is from Module 2, exploring what self care really is and realizing I have some unlearning to do around that...

So in a nutshell, I cannot thank Allie enough for sharing this course with me, and for the wisdom she has poured in from her own journey and offered to us."

Lesley's Story

"Before the program I felt like I didn’t know where I belonged. I was getting lost in social media and in deep depression from physical pain. I felt defeated. I felt like a failure.

After the program, I feel more alive, centered and capable of handling myself in life situations.

Most importantly, I found myself building a strong positive mentality that reinforces confidence, individuality, the practice of self-acceptance and self-love, and what that looks like everyday, for me.

If you are feeling stuck and trapped in life, unable to control your feelings or understand them, lost in the rat race and everyday routine that doesn’t generate your inner being and self awareness, then this program will help...

It will guide you to navigate a relationship with yourself so that will bolster you to succeed in living a life at your fullest potential."

Jen's Story

"Before investing in The Self-Care Lifestyle, I was worried it wouldn't be worth the money or that it would be just another ‘self-help’ program with a bunch of stuff to read through. I couldn't have been more wrong!

I received so many tangible results, but I would say what stands out most is it helped me find my creativity. I feel like I’ve been so busy over the past years with work stuff that I never thought much about hobbies. This program helped me find something that I love to do and to tap into some hidden talent...

I’m more attuned to my body, mind and spirit and have practices to bring me back to what my body needs, connected with some great women which made me realize I’m not alone, and I have a go-to place for self-care refreshers whenever I need them."

Lisa's Story


"Before the program, I honestly thought if I got a massage or practiced yoga once in awhile I was being self-caring.

I was always busy and rushing even on days when I wasn't "working", feeling like I had so much to do. It prevented me from experiencing the people and activities in my life that I enjoy and are meaningful.

The Self-Care Lifestyle guided me to delve deeply into what self-care is to me and how to implement it through simple, daily practice.

Allie's teachings and the exercises she provided guided me to recognize self-destructive patterns that were causing me to neglect my needs.

Now, I am paying attention to what I needs. I use the tools and practices I learned every single day.

The course had so much great information and extras and I loved the group sessions!"

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Self-Care Basics

It's no secret that "self-care" has become a buzzword, and these days it can feel like just another weighty expectation on our already lengthy to do lists. In this module, I introduce a different type of self-care system that I have been using with clients and refining for over a decade. A system that puts the SELF back into self-care; thus, making it sustainable...forever.

Module 1 Highlights

  • Get grounded in our guiding principles: The 10 Tenets of Self-Care and The Pillars of a Self-Care Lifestyle.
  • Start setting aside time for yourself right away with an easy, soothing ritual (this one is a *client favorite*).
  • Get rooted in your why, declare your intentions and make a formal commitment to take time for yourself over the next 8-weeks.
  • Familiarize yourself with our daily tools, including a quick morning ritual, an evening ritual and daily reflection sheets to keep you on track.
  • Reframe what self-care means to you and explore this with a fun, relaxing, purely pleasurable weekly practice.
  • Explore your bio-individuality through two different lenses that will help you choose foods and practices that align with what your body craves and thrives off of.

Taking Care of Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Self-care is not only about what we do or don't do, but in how we relate to ourselves on the inside. And there have been times throughout my self-care journey where I have done all of the "right" things - eating cleanly, exercising regularly - but still felt disharmony within. In this module, I teach you the most important mindset shifts that you need and simple practices to rejuvenate your body, strengthen your spirit, and foster a self-caring mindset that stands the tests of time.

Module 2 Highlights

  • Rejuvenate your body with movement and breath-work practices that work for your bio-individuality.
  • Develop the skill to expand your mindset from self-critical and distracted to empowered and present.
  • Explore the subtle difference between positive psychology and toxic positivity to unravel the learned pattern of suppressing emotions the need to move.
  • Foster your mental and emotional health with mindfulness and embodiment.
  • Commit to your daily practice and start tracking!

Rhythms & Rituals

This is a full week where we dive headfirst into the most important thing that you have to embody to create a self-caring lifestyle: honoring your rhythms! In this module, I teach you all about your powerful feminine qualities that culture has taught you to numb and suppress, and how to re-sensitize and use these magic powers to bolster you and your life. You'll also learn morning, evening, eat/drink, and healing rituals that nourish you.

Module 3 Highlights

  • Practice being receptive and respectful of your natural ups and downs (rather than feeling like there is something "wrong").
  • Tap into the power of ritual and honor your rhythms with passive and active healing practices.
  • Recommit to healthy eating in a way that aligns with your bio-individuality and focuses on including foods, drinks and supplements that heal and fuel you.
  • Strong digestion is key to good health! Learn simple tricks to support your body's detoxification process (that don't changing what you eat).
  • Invigorate your morning with rituals that energize, soothe and boost your health.
  • Learn evening rituals and retrofits to go from restless to sleeping soundly through the night (including my favorite technology for protecting my circadian rhythm).

Reclaim Your Intuition

By now you will have reinforced a solid foundation of mindfulness, embodiment and self-reflection, which will allow you to feel more connection, not only to the people in your life, but also to your intuition. In this module, you'll practice consulting your intuition to be more discerning about how you allocate your time and energy and the expectations you set for yourself.

Module 4 Highlights

  • Practice giving your intuition a voice at the table (in fun ways that take the guess work out).
  • Embark on a media detox to cultivate your creativity and let YOUR ideas surface.
  • Acknowledge and get to know your inner child (yep, we all have one) to grow you self-acceptance and personal power.
  • Schedule unstructured time to release stress and restore your brain's capacity for creative thinking, problem solving, love and connection.
  • Explore the subtle difference between intuition and logic so you can lean on both to guide your life.


Radical Body-Care & Self-Love

This is one of my favorite modules! You'll learn body-care practices the will hydrate and exfoliate your skin, stimulate your lymphatic system for detox, and give you the energy and confidence to stand in your power. You'll also get clear on what makes you feel loved so that you can develop deeply satisfying relationships with others, and of course, yourself.

Module 5 Highlights

  • Perform acts of self-love specific to your love language to grow your connection with yourself.
  • Explore body-care practices for healthy, glowing skin and detoxification.
  • Use my guided meditation to embody self-love and create affirmations of your own.
  • Establish a clear picture of your self-care needs (and wants!) so you can set yourself up for long-term success.

"Allie's loving and calm presence instills a sense of peace. There is no pressure to hurry through any aspect of the modules. It truly is 'go at your own pace'.


When you enroll, you'll get:

The Self-Care Lifestyle

(A $1,197 Value)

  • 5 course modules, with 13 "science-backed lessons", released weekly so you have ample time to dive into the lessons and practices without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Over 60, "easy to use" practices (released in doable doses, each week) that guide you off the hamster wheel and into your truest, most joyful self.
  • Tons of actionable tools, including: guided meditations, movement and breathwork practices, soothing skin care rituals, and tracking sheets to cultivate awareness of your rhythms and the practices that fuel you.
  • Lifetime access for inspiration and practices that reinforce you health and confidence whenever you need a reset.
  • Women's community and weekly circles (with me!) to ensure you stay engaged and growing throughout this transformative program.

Plus These Bonuses

Time Boundaries Mini Course

(A $20 Value)

Learn 3 simple strategies for saying no (and yes!) with intention and protecting your self-care time (guilt-free).

Also includes my Time Boundaries Worksheet with scripts for saying "no", "not right now", and "I changed my mind" authentically and respectfully.

Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation Classes

(A $197 Value)

This bonus will help you reinforce everything you're working on inside of The Self-Care Lifestyle. These pre-recorded classes can be taken anywhere, anytime.

Yoga Practice Tips

2 Quick Daily Yoga Practices

5 Guided Breathing Practices & Meditations

6 Full-length Yoga Class (all-levels)

All classes are recorded and downloadable.

“Since this program I’ve noticed now I definitely feel less guilty about setting time aside for myself so I see that as a big win.


Plus You'll Be Backed by a Risk-Free

30-Day Guarantee

My hope is that The Self-Care Lifestyle far exceeds your expectations, and I think it will. This program is not only backed by science, but by 15 years of personal experience integrating and teaching this material. Every stepping stone on this journey has been thoughtfully placed.

While I am convinced that you will find this program above and beyond, if you do the exercises, as you are guided to do, and you're not satisfied with the program within 30-Days, just show me that you've put in the work and let me know why you're unsatisfied and I will refund your investment. Full details here >>

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course paced?

A new module is released every Monday for 5-weeks (after which you will have unlimited access to all 5 modules). This is to ensure you have plenty of time for the lessons and practices before moving to the next module. While you will have multiple practices to experiment with each week, you will be guided to choose just 1-3 to focus on at a time. (Remember, you can revisit the content as many times as you'd like.)

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you will have access to our members area for a minimum of one-year, after which you will be able to download any content you wish to keep.

Where will I access the course?

The course is hosted on the online learning platform Teachable. When you sign up, you will create your account and log in to start exploring your members area, where you will find your bonuses and Module 1 so you can get started right away. You will be able to access all modules across any and all devices you own. Teachable has a mobile app too!

Wendy's Story


"During quarantine, I found myself in a caregiver position that was leaving me feeling drained physically and emotionally. I felt like needed to fill up the well.

Allie has lot of knowledge she was eager to share. It comes from the heart and is really relatable. The Self-Care Lifestyle gave me good tools I could apply in doable doses.

The course also had weekly circles, so I found myself counting on that little window of time where I knew the other women and Allie as our guide would be there. We did wonderful meditation relaxations that were a huge help to me.

My biggest takeaway is the reminder to slow down and do one thing at a time - completely. I’m so used to multitasking and going quickly from one thing to the next. The course also taught me that there are some tasks we still have to do — but how to do them from a more willing and giving place.

I’m so happy I found Allie and this course during a moment when I desperately need self-care in my life."

Now is YOUR time, I can't wait to support you