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Emotions and relationships play a huge role in how we feel and the quality of our life - yet are often over-looked.

Not only are emotions a barometer for what's going on with us, they connect us to each other, orient us toward survival, and allow us to feel the richness of the human experience.

Whether we are aware of them or not, emotions are running through us all of the time and influencing our decisions and relationships.

And despite being highly emotional creatures, most of us are not taught how to deal with our emotions. Instead we're taught that emotions are something to be ignored, rushed through, ashamed of and controlled.

In this series, you'll learn skills for understanding, feeling empowered around, and communicating your emotions so that you can:
  • Learn about yourself and grow
  • Get more what you need
  • Experience more connection in your relationships

Here's some of what you'll learn in this 10-part series:

  1. What to do when you feel triggered to process and regulate your emotions, and get the type of support you need.
  2. How to attune to your felt capacity and set boundaries that both protect your time, energy and emotional self, and help you feel more connected.
  3. How your attachment style may be impacting your personal and professional relationships, and how to use this information to learn about what you and others need in relationships.
  4. How to communicate and listen in a way that deepens understanding and connection.
  5. How to repair after conflicts at work and at home so that you feel heard and stop harboring resentment.

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Plus These Bonuses!

When you enroll in the 10-week Emotional & Relational Well-Being Series you'll also have access to the following:

30-Day Mindfulness Challenge: Access (or return to) our 2022 Mindfulness Challenge, including 10 audio lessons and meditations.

Yoga Classes: A catalogue of 11+ pre-recorded yoga classes of different lengths, styles and levels.

Work/Life Wellness Workshops, including:

  • Time Boundaries: Learn 3 sustainable strategies to reduce the overwhelm of overcommitment, refill your cup when feeling drained, and prioritize purpose over perfection)
  • 3 Ways to Foster Your Mental & Emotional Wellness: Reinforce your mind to be more resilient, focused, and less reactive in the face of life’s challenges using self-attunement, boundaries, and connection)

Self-Care E-Book: 40 simple self-care rituals for a healthy, abundant and purposeful life.

Meet Your Guide: Allie Andrews, Sex & Intimacy Coach

Whether it’s through boutique coaching, intimate groups, transformational workshops or her writing, Allie helps individuals and couples have better sex and feel happier and more secure in themselves and their relationships.

Allie is a Somatica® Certified Sex and Relationship Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Holistic Health Coach with her Masters in Education.

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