EmBody Self-Care Challenge

Nourish yourself into the truest, youest you that you can be

This free 5-day challenge guides you to use high-quality self-care to cultivate your mindset, move your emotions, and embody your body to move you closer to being the truest you there is.

Humans have unlimited potential and are constantly evolving into that potential (if we let ourselves, many people don’t); thus, coming into alignment is not a one and done job like doing your taxes or checking something off your to do list.

Coming into alignment -- which means your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words and choices aligning with your inborn power and potential -- is a continuous, never-ending process of checking in with, getting to know, and stretching yourself.

When you come into alignment with the TRUTH of what you’re capable of (not what your limiting beliefs tell you you’re capable of), your big dreams and desires for better health, deeper relationships, greater impact become more realistic.

The problem is that most people are so wrapped up in the hustle that they don’t prioritize the self-care and self-intimacy required to come into alignment, which keeps them stuck and at odds with who they are becoming.

(Pro tip: It doesn’t actually take a ton of time, but it does take a practice of showing up for, being honest with, and keeping promises to yourself.)

So often our approach to self-care is surface level, over-focused on the physical (diet and exercise), when in reality it is the non-physical -- beliefs, wounds, thoughts and emotions -- that drive many of the physical, tangible outcomes we receive in life.

If this resonates and you're called to deepen your self-care practice, here is your invitation.

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Your commitment to this challenge requires at least 20-minutes a day for 5 days to:

  • Read the daily emails and material
  • Complete the daily reflections
  • Complete the daily practice

In this challenge, you will:

  • Integrate the 10 Tenets of Self-Care (if you don't have these or know what this means, no worries you will soon!)
  • Learn and embody the 5 Pillars of Self-Care essential for a deeply connected, present and self-aligned life
  • Up-level your mindset so that you can let yourself evolve and come into greater alignment with the person you are becoming
  • Dedicate time to checking in with yourself, acknowledging your emotional experience, and settling your nervous system
  • Deepen your understanding of self-care and the practices that nourish you

Your Instructor

Allie Andrews
Allie Andrews

With a decade of experience in the wellness industry, Allie has partnered with over 65 companies and helped hundreds of highachievers and caregivers find a pace and rhythm that feels sustainable, joyful and deeply satisfying.

Allie is a lifelong student of personal growth and self-love. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Somatica® trained Sex & Relationship Coach, and Certified Yoga Teacher with her Master's in Education.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this challenge start and finish?
You'll receive your confirmation email within 12 hours of signing up and your Day 1 email 24 hours later. And you will have access to your member's area immediately. While I encourage you to engage in to content consistently over 5 days, I understand that's not always realistic and things come up, so you can take as much time as you need.
How long do I have access to the challenge material?
You will have access for a minimum of 6-months from signing up and I will notify you at least 2-months before your access expires.
Who is this challenge for?
Growth-oriented people who need to hit the reset button on their self-care/personal growth journey to re-activate alignment with their potential and purpose. Big dreamers, high achievers, recovering perfectionists and workaholics who tend to answer emails and take care of others people needs before checking in with themselves. Caregivers, helpers and people pleasers who struggle with self-doubt and self-acceptance in one or more areas of their life. Anyone who recognizes the importance of mental and emotional self-care, yet is lacking tools and time.

I look forward to being your guide, feel free to contact me with any questions xx,


[email protected]

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