Boundary Mapping to Communicate Your Boundaries in a Clear & Connected Way

Learn to identify & lovingly speak up when your unique limits are being pushed so you can stop feeling overextended and start living life on your terms

In this Masterclass, you will learn:


To develop a real time, embodied sense of your boundaries so you know when they are being touched and crossed.


Tools and language to communicate your boundaries and needs in work and love (romantic, familial, platonic) so that you stop enduring to the point of feeling overcommitted, invisible and frustrated.


How to apply what you learn and receive support to keep developing healthy, loving boundaries that deepen connection, make you feel supported and seen, and strengthen your relationships.

Your Instructor

Allie Andrews
Allie Andrews

With a decade of experience in the wellness industry, Allie has partnered with over 65 companies and helped hundreds of highachievers and caregivers find a pace and rhythm that feels sustainable, joyful and deeply satisfying.

Allie is a lifelong student of personal growth and self-love. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Somatica® trained Sex & Relationship Coach, and Certified Yoga Teacher with her Master's in Education.

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  Boundary Mapping Masterclass
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