Healthy boundaries are the key to vulnerability and connection that’s missing in so many relationships…

And it’s not just having boundaries (or not) that determines whether we feel protected, connected, or both, but it’s also in how we communicate them that matters. 

In this Free Masterclass, you'll learn to honor your unique capacity and lovingly express your boundaries so that you can stop feeling overextended, resentful and unseen, and start living life on your terms.

Do your boundaries need a little love?

(Pssst…If you find yourself resonating with any of the following, they most likely do, and I’m here to help!)

1.Do you become overly cooperative when someone asks you for something?

Maybe you say yes without checking in with yourself first, which can cause you to overextend yourself to the point of exhaustion. If so, you probably feel like you’re living according to everyone else’s agenda, without enough space for your own self-care and joy.

2. Do you feel like a one-person army, always “the rock” or the listener for everyone with no one to lean on?

You feel resilient and you know you can rely on yourself, but deep down you’re craving the level of support and stability that you offer everyone else. Sometimes you need to fall apart too, but it feels easier and safer to just clean up the mess on your own.

3. Do you avoid conflict, enduring things to the point that you feel frustrated and resentful, or like there is something inherently wrong with you?

Maybe you stew on the inside or sweep things under the rug, justifying in your head why it’s not a big deal, but deep down you feel like your voice isn’t being heard. You feel silenced.

Whether you resonate with 1, 2 or 3, you probably feel that this isn’t good for your mental health and relationships, but maybe you’re struggling to make a change.

Take a deep breath and imagine this instead...

✨ Imagine having a clear sense of how YOU feel, what YOU need, and what YOU want, versus taking on everyone else’s agenda, needs, expectations and feelings.

✨ Imagine speaking up confidently when something doesn’t feel right for you and asking for what you need in a way that brings other people closer to you.

✨ Imagine sharing more of yourself with the people you love so that you can have more honest, supportive and nourishing relationships.

In my Boundary Mapping Masterclass...

I’ll teach you how to develop, and honor, your embodied sense of your unique capacities so that you can go from feeling deeply exhausted and alone to deeply supported and connected.

Whether you struggle to let others in (rigid boundaries) or you know it’s time to stop people pleasing (porous boundaries), this class will help you attune to what you need and want so you can go get more of it in your life.

And yes, give more too…Because, as the old adage goes: “You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

Hi, I’m Allie…Certified Sex & Intimacy Coach, lifelong dancer, recovering people pleaser & cat lady (I never thought I'd say that🤦‍♀️)

I don’t want to brag, but I’ve been called: “A b!tch with good boundaries.”

I was GLOWING when I heard these words…But I wasn’t always like this. I remember the days when I had a hard time speaking my truth.

I would fawn (cooperate), saying “yes” to the point that I physically didn’t have enough time in the day to do everything I agreed to – which made me feel anxious, like I wasn’t [doing] enough.

 And on the other end of the spectrum, I remember being so independent and self-reliant that I really struggled to ask for what I needed and wanted. This showed up most in my romantic relationships and left me feeling lonely and misunderstood.

You’re probably wondering, how did I go from people-pleasing hyper-independent to the loving boundaries queen I am today? Come to class and I’ll show you!

In my *free* Masterclass, you'll learn:

-1- How to attune to and honor your limited capacity, which is unique to you, and use awareness of your capacity to inform your boundaries.

-2-How to develop a real time, embodied sense of your boundaries so you know when they are being touched and crossed.

-3-Tools and language to communicate your boundaries and needs in work and love (romantic, familial, platonic) to feel less over-extended (physically, mentally, emotionally) and deepen intimacy.

Client Testimonial

"Working with Allie helped me to connect with my boundaries without judgment, learn to decode the messages my body is telling me, and gave me tools and perspective to communicate those needs in a loving way. It also reminded me that boundaries are not just with others, but with ourselves, and helped to me get clearer on the kind of life I want to live each day and how to let that happen. I wish everyone I know would do this work!"

Leah, Communications Strategist, Coach & Step-Mom

A Personal Note From Allie…

Remember…“Boundaries are an imperfect science” (said my oh so wise teacher Celeste Hirschman).

Boundary Mapping was introduced to me by Celeste and Danielle, my teachers at Somatica Institute. The first time I did the boundary mapping exercise in class I had a major “a ha” moment. Yes, all the years of inner work had helped me become aware of my feelings and needs, but even still I was allowing some of my boundaries to be crossed – hello frustration and resentment!

I now use these tools every single day to check in with my limits because, guess what – boundaries are NOT locked in place. Boundaries are fluid and changing, like you, and depend on so many factors (which I’ll talk more about in class).

And truth be told, we all let our boundaries be crossed from time to time (which is sometimes hard to swallow for a recovering perfectionist like myself). This is one of the most human things we can do. So forgive yourself, exhale to release some pressure, because you will do it again. 

But by simply showing up for this class and receiving what I have to teach, you will feel more attuned to your boundaries and empowered to express them.

Grab the replay below.

I can’t wait to nurture you xox,